We're doing it again! Join the Copper Country Cycling Club (C4) for the 2023 Halloween Enduro, a casual mountain bike race on some of our favorite trails at the Tech Trails. We welcome all to come and race, whether it is your first mountain bike race or your tenth. 

What?: A 4-stage mountain bike race on the Tech Trails. 

Where?: Michigan Tech Trails Main Trailhead

When?: Saturday, October 28th, at 11 am (add to Google Calendar)

How much?: $10; sign up below!

Stages (in order): 

  1.   Sure Wood to Don't Think
  2.  Just Mite to Outer Limits
  3.  Twilight south side - down your favorite up trail
  4.  Twilight north side - to add some more technical riding to the mix

All are welcome! We invite students and community members to come out and enjoy the race!


Thanks to a few of our wonderful sponsors Cross Country Sports, Rhythm, Station Street Discs, and Downwind Sports, we have mountain bike and outdoor-related prizes to give away!

  • Best costume: Prizes for the racer who shows up in the best Halloween costume. Don't worry, you don't need to dress up, but you might be missing out on some prizes...
  • For the fastest riders: The top 3 fastest riders in Men's and Women's get their own prizes.
  • Raffle: We'll also be raffling away some of our items; get a chance to win some cool stuff!

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